Monday, May 23, 2011

Ghost Last Supper, 1989

Ghost Last Supper, 1989 oil on canvas

Painted in 1989. I was still in my early twenties and struggling for ideas. I grew up in a Catholic household and we were surrounded by Catholic icons - framed prints of saints, statues of Jesus and Mary and numerous crucifixes. It obviously rubbed off on me a little.
As children in the 1970s, we were very lucky to visit to some of the great art capitals of the world: Rome, Florence, Paris, Madrid and Amsterdam. Not that I fully appreciated it at the time: "Not another gallery!" was the standard cry as our mother dragged us to the Louvre or the Prado or whatever the next world famous gallery was. I preferred to visit toyshops, which in 1970s Europe were very special places (Lego, die cast cars, trains and planes, nothing made in China). Sure I could appreciate the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper because I'd seen them in books and on TV and that made them famous, but my mind wasn't really on the job. Perhaps that was the reason I failed to include the required twelve disciples in my version of the Last Supper!

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